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What Is Ebates? Earn a Cash Back Rebate When You Shop!

Ebates - Earn cash back when you shop

Earn a cash back rebate when you click through Ebates before shopping online. It’s quick, easy and FREE! If you look closely at this image, in the upper right hand corner you will see my cash back to date. Yes, over $1000!!

Summer is in full swing and I’ve been spending most of my time away from the computer. I’m not sure if this has had a positive impact on my pocket book since I’ve been out of the house, however I haven’t been shopping online a lot. This also means I haven’t been getting my Ebates cash back when I do shop!

What is Ebates? It’s a free service that pays you a rebate when you shop online! There are a few caveats: you have to click through their web site to get to your online retailer (or install their plugin); the web site has to be listed in Ebates; and it takes awhile (months) to get your rebate. BUT, if you’re spending money at a retailer you may as well get a rebate if available. And it’s not like those three things I listed are difficult to do!

Also, if you refer a friend you will get a cash back reward. Ebates runs various promotions throughout the year, so the reward will vary – usually $5 to $25 for each referral. Additionally, when your friend signs up, they get to pick a reward. This offer also varies but is usually a gift card with a $10 value.

Warning: clicking the links to Ebates from my blog will give me a referral. Let’s be referral friends! :)

Over the last few years, I have earned $1066.35 from rebates and referrals. Um, mostly from shopping rebates…very few from referrals. The cash back you receive varies per store and will also vary throughout the year. Sometimes I got 6% cash back from shopping at Nordstrom.com and other times I would only get 3%, depending on the promotion. But, hey, it was an additional savings, so why not take advantage?!

If you ever forget to click through Ebates before you buy, don’t worry! They have a page where you can submit a request for a missing rebate. You will need to cut/paste your email receipt from the purchase to prove you spent the money. I’ve used this many times and have always received credit.

Retailers are not the only sites that offer cash back through Ebates. Many travel services such as hotels and car rentals are listed. Remember that your cash back from these services will post AFTER you complete your reservation. Normally, within a couple days, you will receive an email from Ebates notifying you of your cash rebate.

I’ve read online that some people think Ebates is a scam. It’s not! However, you don’t get your rebate immediately. You have to wait – the same way you do with traditional rebates that you have to send via snail mail or submit online. You also have to create an account with Ebates which does require creating a password and giving your name, address and email address. They don’t ask for any classified information and it’s all public domain, so you’re not risking anything!

Have you tried Ebates? I’d love to hear your experience. I love it!

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