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Sun Flower Bagel in Carlsbad Is My Everything (Bagel)

Sun Flower Bagel - Partially Eaten

Yes, this is less than half of a bagel. I had to stop myself from devouring the entire thing before I could get a photo.

Today I found myself running errands while J was at school. To my delight, I drove right by Sun Flower Bagel in Carlsbad, CA, where I promptly pulled into the parking lot and quelled the rumble in my tumbly. (Sorry, I’m around my kid too much.)

I used to frequent Sun Flower Bagel when J took a gym class next door. We had a routine of going to her class and then getting lunch at the bagel shop. The gym closed abruptly and I was left hanging.

They make THE BEST everything bagel! The everything bagel is salty, savory and also covered with seeds from top to bottom. I have found most everything bagels aren’t covered everywhere. The bottom of the bagel is always sparsely coated.

Sun Flower Bagel - Everything Top & Bottom

This is the top and bottom of the “everything” bagel.

My heart stopped for a second this morning when I looked in the display case and didn’t see the basket labeled “everything”. It’s pretty much the only bagel I order no matter where I go and my favorite here (see above). Then I entered bagel nirvana when the man behind the counter said they were fresh out of the oven. Oh Em Gee!

What’s even more interesting? They’re run by a Japanese family. On the weekends and Wednesdays they have Japanese bread and baked goods. I only tried them once (and I don’t remember what I got), but the place was jammed packed with people buying this stuff. They start selling them at 11am, and dammit, I was there at 9am!

They make a variety of sandwiches too. I’ve had the veggie as well as the lox. Both were excellent and served with the most delicious thinly sliced red onions. I know that’s an acquired taste, but I love onions on my sandwich. And of course, I order my sandwich on the everything bagel.

My other top faves for (everything) bagels are I Love Bagels Cafe in Oceanside (just off the 78 and College) and New York Bagels & Cafe in Rancho Bernardo (east of I-15 on Bernardo Center Drive).

You can find Sun Flower Bagel at 6955 El Camino Real # 105, Plaza Paseo Real, Carlsbad, CA – off El Camino Real and Aviara Parkway.

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