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No Deductible Required for Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Morning and night photo of my eye shadow using Too Faced Shadow Insurance lid primer. Yes, the photos are two different colors (morning light vs. night) but the take away is the shadow and liner hasn’t moved at all!

Here we go again with more weird close-ups of my eyelids. These pictures are even stranger because you can only see one eye. Or maybe they’re less bizarre. Whatever. Hopefully they convey the AWESOMENESS that is Shadow Insurance by Too Faced Cosmetics.

This is an eyelid primer and goes on super smooth. It’s not thick like cream, more like lotion. A little dab will do ya. I put a little on my ring finger (that’s the one next to the pinkie if you are finger nomenclature challenged) and dab gently onto the entire eyelid up to the brow bone.

It makes your shadow go on easily. Blending is not a problem. And the best part? Eyeliner doesn’t creep up your lid or fade throughout the day. I was out for several hours in the hot sun on the day I took the “after” pictures. It lasted all day long and looks pretty much like my morning photo.

I got the “original” version which doesn’t really have a color. They also sell one that’s a color corrector (tones down redness), two that have a little color, and one that makes glittery eyeshadow last longer (whaaaaatttt????).

Too Faced Shadow InsuranceI paid $20 for it at Ulta, but had $3 in rewards so it was about the same cost as Amazon.

Finally, I have to thank my girlfriend for turning me onto this amazing product. I won’t name her, but you know who you are!

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