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What’s My Fitbit Name?

My Fitbit greeting says ROCKSTAR

My Fitbit calls me ROCKSTAR! What’s your name?

For those of you with a Fitbit One or Ultra, your tracker greets you with a name. Most likely it’s your first name. Well, I have a secret to share with you and I have not told anyone about it! Instead of my first name, my Fitbit greets me with “ROCKSTAR”. I like how it’s ALL CAPS! :D

Have you thought of changing your greeting, but can’t find the right name? I’m here to help! Unfortunately, the name is limited to 8 characters, which is a bit of a challenge. Anyone remember the days of MS-DOS command prompts and filenames??!! (Yea, my greeting should say “GEEK”.)

So here it is, an easy way to get a fun(ny) new Fitbit greeting! Leave me a comment with your name. I’d love to see how many other ROCKSTARS are out there.

Use your initials to find a new, personal greeting.

Your FIRST Initial Your LAST Initial
A - raw A - beef
B - fast B - play
C - best C - star
D - new D - bird
E - big E - goal
F - bad F - road
G - zany G - lead
H - bold H - mode
I - busy I - gal
J - cool J - rat
K - true K - girl
L - mad L - boy
M - good M - dog
N - hard N - bear
O - high O - wolf
P - hot P - game
Q - icy Q - show
R - lean R - doll
S - gym S - iron
T - rock T - fuel
U - real U - guy
V - ripe V - head
W - dark W - reps
X - taut X - bull
Y - fit Y - dude
Z - free Z - lady


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