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Park Review: Hosp Grove Park

Hosp Grove ParkAs I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts, I’m the mom of a preschooler. We go to a lot of parks in North San Diego County and I thought it would be nice to review them from a mom’s perspective. I’m hoping to come up with some clever rating system, but that ain’t happening today.

I’ve made several visits to Hosp Grove Park in Carlsbad (it’s very close to I-5 and the 78) and each time I’m there, I think, “Hey, I should come back here more often!”

First I’ll list the Pros:

Hosp Grove Park Eucalyptus Trees

Can you spot my daughter?

Shade – it’s in a eucalyptus grove and there is a good amount of natural shade which is hard to come by in most of the parks I’ve visited. It’s also located near a lagoon . There are walking trails, however I haven’t been on them. There is lots of open space for kids to run around.

Swings – There are two toddler swings. I didn’t take a photo of the play structure and the swings because there were a lot of people at the park the other day. I will add a photo when we go on a day where we have the park to ourselves.

Popularity – As I just mentioned, I should be able to take a picture on a day when we’re the only ones at the park. During the week there are very few people who come here.

Location – This park is close to major freeways and also close to several strip malls, restaurants and toilets (see CONS).

Parking – There are quite a few parking spaces right next to the park.

Accessibility – From the parking lot, there is a dirt trail that leads to the play structure so it would be easy to push a stroller to the tot lot.

Sand – the play structure is in sand. Bring sand toys and you’ll be golden.


Sand – HA! I know I listed that as a “Pro” but this can also be a con. Parents, you know what I mean.

Hosp Grove Park - ToiletHosp Grove Park - ToiletPort-a-Potty – This is the biggest CON there can be. There is one potty. I don’t know what it looks like inside because the closest I’ve gotten was to take this picture. Nuff said.


Jefferson Street and Marron Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008

For more information, here is the City of Carlsbad’s official page about the park:

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